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About Us


Since 1990

Established in 1990, BHR Pharmaceuticals Ltd has grown to become a market leader in the provision of point-of-care diagnostics. BHR specialises in sourcing new advanced and progressive technology from around the world and delivering these innovative products to the UK market.

We enable healthcare professionals to better diagnose, and manage many of today’s most prevalent diseases and conditions.

BHR aims to improve access to care by providing fully managed health screening services as well as consumer healthcare products using our diverse range of proven (‘tried and tested’) healthcare products.

BHR is committed to expanding its range of products and services as new opportunities and customer needs develop.

Our product range focuses on the following therapy areas but not exclusive to:

• Cardiovascular
• Diabetes
• Urinalysis
• Allergy/Intolerance
• Haematology
• Female Health
• Neurostimulation


And beyond

BHR is committed to providing our customers with quality, economically viable, accurate point-of-care tests and treatments. We are continually researching new innovations and responding to our customers’ changing needs.

Our product range is based around ease of use, improving diagnosis times, and precise monitoring of chronic conditions at point-of-care. BHR aims to make diagnostics more accessible and affordable, and suitable for use in a multitude of settings. We achieve this goal with products such as the portable and easy to use CardioChek® PA system, which is the first and only hand held analyser that provides testing of total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and triglycerides using a simple finger-stick sample of blood.

Our point-of-care diagnostics have been carefully chosen to assist in streamlining healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. The products and services offered by BHR have proven to be extremely useful to healthcare teams, helping CCGs, LAs, GPs, and pharmacies to achieve service framework objectives in a meaningful, timely, and cost-effective manner.

We believe in giving customers the best possible support and after sales care, providing full access to our dedicated and experienced customer service and technical support teams.