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We at BHR understand how important consistent, reliable supply of essential healthcare and POCT products are for our customers. We are committed to maintain this and as part of our No-Deal contingency plan, are making every effort to ensure continuity and minimal disruption to supply, in case of a No-Deal Brexit. These plans include:

  • Additional stock holding
    Only 25% of our products are sourced from Europe and we have arranged for additional stock to be held at our warehouse to ensure that any delays on the movement of goods at point of entry to the UK can be buffered
  • Consulting with suppliers
    We are working closely with our suppliers to ensure necessary plans are in place to ensure continuity of supply to BHR Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Communicating with customers
    To ensure we are taking account of any special requirements in our preparations or any bulk orders in the near future

We understand that our product are critical to your organisation and BHR Pharmaceuticals Limited is prepared and well placed to weather considerable disruption from a possible ‘No Deal’ Brexit. Please be assured we are putting significant contingency plans in place for this eventuality and also taking due note of the Government’s recommendations.

If you wish to make us aware of any special circumstances relating to the supply of our products to you please contact us at info@bhr.co.uk