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Eurolyser CUBE

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Eurolyser CUBE

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The Eurolyser CUBE is a compact, powerful point-of-care system that is easy to use.  Operated by an android app the Eurolyser CUBE can be used anywhere, any-time.  With a broad range of single tests available such as CRP, anti-streptolysin O and HbA1c to name a few, this portable lab is cost efficient, SMART and precise – all you need for a modern efficient practice.


The Eurolyser CUBE is a compact sophisticated point of care testing system with a powerful performance that effortlessly measures up to modern, large laboratory systems.  With a broad range of single tests available the Eurolyser CUBE is cost-efficient, SMART, and precise. 

Only small sample volumes (5 - -50 µL) of whole blood, plasma or serum (test dependent) are needed.  Quantitative results are delivered within minutes facilitating diagnosis and management of your patient’s health and medical condition.

The Eurolyser CUBE uses an intuitive android app-based operation – so all you need to run, maintain and up-date your portable lab is at a push of a button – anywhere, any-time.

  • Maintenance-free
  • Fully automated analysis
  • Reliable cartridge system
  • Integrated Quality Control self-test
  • RFID technology
  • Compatible with eHealth and mHealth systems
  • Ability to connect to a PC, HIS or LIM via Bluetooth or USB
  • CE-compliant

The Eurolyser CUBE has been successfully integrated into hospitals, GP practices and pharmacies.  The device measures C-reactive protein, a marker that National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended to guide antibiotic prescribing in primary care1 helping you to effectually promote local Antibiotic Stewardship programs.2 The applications for the EUROlyser CUBE are countless!

Tests available: anti-streptolysin O (ASO), high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP); C-reactive protein (CRP); Prothrombin time (PT (INR)); haemoglobin (Hb); glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c); Cystatin C (GFR); D-Dimer; Ferritin; Troponin I; and Lipoprotein a.  Sold separately. 


1 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2014).  Pneumonia in adults: diagnosis and management.  Clinical guideline CG191.  London. NICE; 2 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2015).  Antimicrobial stewardship: systems and processes for effective antimicrobial medicine use.  NICE guideline NG15.  London. NICE

Important notes

In-vitro point of care testing only

To be used by trained persons only


Test kit contains:  Eurolyser CUBE analyser; CUBE tablet PC; tablet stand; test-kit rack; power cable and adaptor.  Optional: Bluetooth printer; Seiko DPU-414 thermal printer (recommended); Barcode reader



 Eurolyser CUBE

Test(s) available

ASO; CRP; Hb; hsCRP; HbA1c; Cystatin C; PT (INR); D-Dimer; Ferritin; Troponin I; Lipoprotein a

Sample type

Whole blood, plasma, or serum (dependent on test)

Measuring range



Weight: 2.4 kg

Dimensions: 16 x 13 x 14.5 cm

Sample size/volume

5 - -50 µL (dependent on test)

Testing time

45 seconds

Quality control

Yes (internal quality control system; external quality control available)


Room temperature

Quick Sheet

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Eurolyser CUBE