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BHR's Health Screening Services

NHS Health Checks

BHR is committed to reducing health inequalities and are pleased to announce the launch of its NHS Health Check services across the UK. We are working with a number of County Council and public health leads in delivering NHS Health Checks through various deployment models including the GP surgeries, Pharmacies and community outreach services enabling patients access NHS Health Check at a venue and time convenient to them by implementing and offering the service in various venues and settings depending on our customers needs and requirements. We can provide a range of services from the provision of Point Of Care Testing equipment to a fully managed services including clinical and QA support and delivering on target.

Community Outreach NHS Health

Community Outreach NHS Health Checks

BHR launched its new community outreach program to promote health in at-risk populations with poor access to healthcare within any specific area. BHR's community outreach health screening allows the commissioners to perform large-scale screenings that address the health needs of a more diverse patient population than would be possible through the traditional primary care approach. BHR offers detailed profiling of the demographics and tailor the services to the needs and requirements of the target population. If you have a project that needs a targeted delivery apporach, BHR can help you deliver it.

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Pharmacy Led NHS Health Checks

Pharmacy Led NHS Health Checks

BHR has developed and successfully implemented a cost effective fully managed pharmacy led NHS Health Checks delivery model that enables commissioners as well as the pharmacies (from large multi groups down to the indiviual pharmacies) being able to take part and offer the free service to their clients. We believe pharmacies are a great way to reach the hard to reach or non enagaged population due to the added benefit of their long opening hours and easy access hence providing Health Check service at locations and time more convenient to the patients.

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GP Led NHS Health Checks

GP Led NHS Health Checks

BHR offers a range of Health screening services, catering all your needs. We as a company are very passionate about health and have launched our Health Screening services, delivered by highly trained health care professionals depending on the location and venues. We work with hundreds of GP surgeries across the country in delivering NHS Health Checks by providing our Point Of Care testing systems and are now able to deliver NHS Health Checks at the GP surgeries if the practice is not able to hit its target or needs more help with their service by providing our fully trained and qualified health care teams to carry out the NHS health Checks for your patients.

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Worthing HeraldHEALTH AND CARE: Thousands missing out on health checks Most people between the ages of 40 and 74 are eligible for a free health check

Published: 11:35 Thursday 03 August 2017

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Local doctors are urging people not to miss out on free NHS Health Checks

In the last three months, 7866 people were offered an appointment but only 2780 booked one with their local GP or health team – that is roughly one in three. The figures are similar for last year – 34 per cent of those offered an appointment actually attended. Free NHS Health Checks help people to stay healthy and reduce the risk of people developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease or dementia. They involve a few simple tests which can spot early signs and help prevent these happening to you, which means you’ll be more likely to enjoy life for longer. Most people between the ages of 40 and 74 are eligible. West Sussex resident Barry said the check led to a new lease of life for him as he took control of his health and wellbeing. It involved questions about lifestyle such as smoking, Body Mass Index (BMI), exercise and alcohol intake. It also included a blood pressure check and a simple finger blood test for cholesterol. The health check took about 30 to 45 minutes and was carried out at his GP surgery. Barry, 58, said: “I thought it would be good to take up this check as I did not know my blood pressure or cholesterol.” It identified that Barry’s cholesterol was a bit high, and this prompted him to join a local gym. He said: “I never thought I would join a gym but I try to attend at least three times a week now.” He has been working to reduce his cholesterol with healthy spreads and drinks as well as improve his fitness over the past nine months and has seen great improvements. He added: “The most important part for me was the finger blood test for cholesterol, which has been coming down and is now at 4.5 from 6.3, which is really good. If your GP surgery is offering these health checks it is definitely worth having especially if you have not had an occasion to visit your doctor.” NHS Health Checks are also available on request at many pharmacies or you can book onto one of the community clinics held around the county. For more information visit

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