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Health Equipment

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  1. Cefaly® I - Electrodes

    Set of 3 Cefaly® Multi-Use Electrodes Only for use with Cefaly® I Device
  2. UA-651 - Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

    UA651 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
  3. CardioChek ST Blood Analyser

    Product Description Why CardioChek? •High cholesterol is responsible for more than half of the annual 125,000 deaths from coronary heart disease in the UK, yet only 14% of adults are aware that Cholesterol is a risk factor •Innovative •Fully portable, runs on standard AAA batteries •Fast •Results in one to two minutes •Flexible •Suitable for multiple clinical applications •Accurate •Classification into the ‘at little risk’ or ‘at risk’ groups is done with greater than 90% accuracy •Convenient •Test at point-of-care, no fasting, no refrigeration •Cost-effective •No expensive lab analysis or follow-up consultation delay •Fully automated •Simply pipette a single sample onto test strip •Memory log •Stores up to 30 results per chemistry – date and time stamped Remember that high cholesterol itself does not have symptoms, so unless you test, you won’t know if your cholesterol levels are too high. Frequent testing doesn’
  4. tipstim® hi-tech therapy glove


    Glove for use with the tipstim® therapy system generator.

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  5. Cefaly® Arnold Transmission Gel

    Cefaly® Transmission Gel (Qty 1) - for use with the Cefaly® I & Cefaly® II Arnold Kits.
  6. Cefaly® I - Hypoallergenic Electrodes

    Kit 3 Electrodes – Hypoallergenic (Blue) Gel
  7. Alcohol Breath Test Sleeves

    Replacement mouthpieces for the Alcohol Breath Test Meter
  8. Alcohol Breath Test

    Digital Alcohol Meter
  9. tipstim® Therapy System


    A rental agreement is also available for this product. Please contact our office for details.

    tipstim® is an innovative therapy glove that uses tip stimulation to induce local specific plastic re-organisation facilitating behavioural recovery in patients with brain damage caused by stroke or injury.


  10. AND Large Cuff 31-45cm

    To fit the A&D range of Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors.
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