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Norma Icon 3 Haematology Analyser

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Norma Icon 3 Haematology Analyser

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Norma Icon uses cutting edge technology to measure up to 22 parameters using small sample and reagent volumes.  High throughput, low running cost, and a user friendly interface makes the Norma Icon an impressive point of care device suitable for any clinical setting.


Norma Icon, with a footprint of an A4 sheet of paper, is one of the smallest haematology analysers available.  This point of care device can process up to 60 samples in an hour and store 100 000 test results including histograms.  

Based on volumetric impedance method and microfluidics, the Norma Icon measures 22 parameters and can provide a three-part or five-part differential using a small sample volume (2 - 15 µL).  The Icon needs only small volumes of reagent making it very cost efficient to run and more environmentally friendly as well. 

Winner of the Red Dot 21 award in 2014, the Norma Icon sets new standards in design, and technology.  With 10-inch-high resolution touchscreen, simple interface and connectivity to computer systems the Norma Icon is a powerful asset for any clinical setting

  • Cost and time efficient
  • High throughput
  • Small reagent volumes needed
  • Processes open and closed tube systems
  • Compatible with vacutainers from all the UK's leading suppliers

The Norma Icon measures red blood cell count (RBC); Haemoglobin (Hb); Haematocrit (HCT); Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV); Mean Corpuscular Hb (MCH); Mean Corpuscular Hb concentration (MCHC); Red blood cell distribution width (RDWsd/cv); Platelet (thrombocyte) count (Plt);  Mean Platelet Volume (MPV); Plateletcrit/thrombocrit (PCT);   Red blood cell distribution width (PDWsd/cv); Platelet Large Cell Ratio (P-LCR; %); Platelet Large Cell Count number (P-LCC); Lymphocyte count (LYM); Lymphocyte percentage (LYM);  Mid cell percentage (MID); Granulocyte percentage (GRA). 


Important notes

In vitro use only

To be used by trained persons only


Test kit contains: Norma Icon analyser; power supply; power cord; reagent connector; operator’s manual; reagent connector with reagent bottle caps



Norma Icon haematology analyser

Test(s) available

RBC; Hb; Hct; MCV; MCH; MCHC; RDWsd/cv; Plt; MPV; PCT; PDWsd/cv; P-LCR%; P-LCC; LYM; MID; GRA; LYM %; MID %; GRA %

 Sample type


 Measuring range


 Pack size


 Sample size/volume

 2 - 15 µL

 Testing time

 45 seconds

 Quality control

 Yes (Internal: Levey-Jennings chart, and Radar chart; external quality control: tri-level controls with 3-part WBC differential)


 Room temperature (18 – 28 °C)

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Norma Icon 3 Haematology Analyser