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Allergy / Intolerance

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  1. FastCheck POC-20®

    Please be aware that this product may only be purchased by healthcare professionals.

    The FastCheck POC20 tests for the top 20 Food & Inhaled Allergens – Common Ragweed, Mugwort, Timothy Grass, Grass Mix, Rye, Silver Birch, Ficus/Latex Mix, Cat Dander, Dog Dander, House Dust Mites, Egg White, Cow’s Milk, Cod, Wheat, Peanut, Soy Bean, Celery, Almond, Walnut, Hazelnut.

  2. NutriSMART® - Food Intolerance Rapid Test

    The NutriSMART® is quick and easy, and only needs a few drops of capillary (finger-prick or ear lobe derived) blood.  Its innovative design ensures the blood sample and reagents are retained in the device so the test can be carried out almost anywhere making it a practical and hygienic addition to your service. No need for additional equipment as results can be read with the naked eye - everything you need is provided in the test kit! 

  3. GlutenTox® Pro (25 Tests)

    The easy, accurate test kit for identifying gluten contamination in your company's gluten-free foods.

  4. GlutenTox® Pro Surface (50 Tests)

    GlutenTox® Pro Surface is a rapid and user-friendly test for the detection of gluten on surfaces.

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