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Aptiva® - FREMS Therapy System

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Aptiva® - FREMS Therapy System

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FREMS - Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System (also called Lorenz Therapy)


What is FREMS?

FREMS, is an abbreviation of ‘Frequency Rhythmic Electrical Modulation System’, also called Lorenz therapy. It utilises an electric neurostimulation therapy featuring a modulated (constantly changing) electrical signal. The methodology was developed by Lorenz Lifetech of Italy

How is FREMS applied?

Using the APTIVA® system, a series of two-phase, asymmetricaly balanced electric pulses are delivered via dedicated transcutaneous disposable electrodes placed along the pathway of the nerve involved in the neuropathy.

In the application for diabetic neuropathy, 8 electrode pads are applied to both lower legs (calf, shinbone, ankle and midfoot). At the beginning of each treatment session, the electrical dosage is set by the nurse, based on the perception of the patient. The electrical stimulation can be felt but is not painful.

The duration of a treatment session is 35 minutes. A treatment cycle consists of 10 daily sessions.

What’s the mechanism of FREMS?

The effect of the applied electrical signal is two-fold. Firstly is causes a rapid contraction and dilatation of the arterial vessels in the stimulated tissues. Secondly it causes the body to produce so-called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors which stimulate the growth of new arterioles (small arterial vessels). This process is called angiogenesis. The new vessels improve the supply of oxygen in the nerve cells thus enabling recovery.


Clinical Studies

ADA 2016 Abstract Study


ADA Study Posters


Effectiveness of frequency-modulated electromagnetic neural    
stimulation in the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy          

results from a double-blind, randomised,
multicentre, long-term, placebo-controlled clinical trial    

FREMS Enhances Cutaneous Microvascular Flow in patients with Diabetic Neuropathy

Modulation of cell function by electric field: a high-resolution analysis

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Aptiva® - FREMS Therapy System