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  1. RAMP 200 CVD Analyser

    The Ramp 200 is an advanced, multi-port reader designed to test for and diagnose heart failure. With innovative design features consisting of a control module and test module, the Ramp 200 offers a high throughput of tests (18-36) per hour.

  2. LABGEO PT10 Clinical Chemistry Analyser

    Introducing Samsung's latest medical innovation, Samsung LABGEOPT10, a portable clinical chemistry analyzer that improves efficiency by saving time for clinicians and patients through fast, easy and accurate blood analysis.

  3. LABGEO IB10 Immunoassay Analyser

    The SAMSUNG LABGEO IB10 is a smart solution designed to save lives. With SAMSUNG’s innovative thinking, the IB10 is a portable, reliable and easy-to-use system for testing and diagnosing various heart conditions. Fully automated and with accurate results in just 20 minutes, this is the future of emergency patient care.

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