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Portable Analysers

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  1. CardioChek® Professional Analyser

    The CardioChek® Professional Analyser point-of-care test system can measure a number of analytes including the total cholesterol using a small blood sample (15 – 40 µL).  With over 8000 devices in use within the UK - this device is our best-selling product.  

  2. A1CNow®+ (20 Pack) - Pro Users Only

    Quick, efficient, and accurate, this portable point-of-care device measures glycated haemoglobin A, HbA1C, in 5 minutes from a single drop of blood. 

    It is an ideal device for any clinical setting – an excellent support tool for monitoring and managing your patient’s health as part of routine health checks or in more complex conditions such as diabetes.

  3. Eurolyser CUBE

    The Eurolyser CUBE is a compact, powerful point-of-care system that is easy to use.  Operated by an android app the Eurolyser CUBE can be used anywhere, any-time.  With a broad range of single tests available such as CRP, anti-streptolysin O and HbA1c to name a few, this portable lab is cost efficient, SMART and precise – all you need for a modern efficient practice.

  4. Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax Urine Analyser

    The Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax analyser is the perfect partner for the Medi-Test Urine test strips.  The analyser reads the test strip and provides accurate quantitative measurements for the analyte(s) tested, eliminating the need for visual interpretation of the results.  

  5. Rapid Reader for Vitamin D testing

    Rapid Reader for Vitamin D testing

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