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Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax Urine Analyser

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Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax Urine Analyser

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The Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax analyser is the perfect partner for the Medi-Test Urine test strips.  The analyser reads the test strip and provides accurate quantitative measurements for the analyte(s) tested, eliminating the need for visual interpretation of the results.  


Instrument-read results offer the distinct advantage over visual interpretation of results, minimising subjectivity – vitally important when you have to screen for potential conditions or diseases affecting the kidney or urinary tract.  The Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax analyser is the perfect partner for the Medi-Test Urinalysis range accurately reading the test strips and providing a print-out of the quantitative measurements of analyte(s). 

Portable, stand-alone point-of-care analyser is able to connect to a barcode scanner, keyboard or the PC.  The built-in programme accounts for test strip development time and has a simple easy to use interface.  Portable and hygienic – the complete Medi-test system meets all your urinalysis needs. 

Important notes

In-vitro use only

To be used by trained persons only

Medi-Test Urine test strips sold separately


Test kit contains: Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax analyser; user manual; power cord and adaptor; and printer paper. 


Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax analyser

Test(s) available

Glucose; protein; ketone; specific density; pH; leukocytes; nitrite; ascorbic acid; bilirubin; urobilinogen

Pack size


Sample type


Measuring range

Quantitative or Semi-quantitative

Sample size/volume

Sufficient to cover Medi-Test Urine test strip

Testing time

Within 1 minute

Quality control

Yes (two levels; Positive and Negative)


Room temperature

Quick Sheet

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Medi-Test Uryxxon® Relax Urine Analyser