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  1. Medi-Test Combi 2 (50)


    Our Medi-Test range offers a wide choice of single and multiple analytes test strips for urine analysis.  We are the second largest suppliers to the NHS offering low cost, reliable and robust in-vitro qualitative urine tests. 

    Medi-Test Combi 2 measures glucose and protein levels in urine.  

  2. Medi-Test Urinalysis Control Solutions

    Medi-Test Urinalysis Control Solutions.
  3. Quo-test™ A1c test kit (15 Tests)


    The Quo-test™ A1c test kit is intended to be used with the Quo-test™ A1c analyser for in vitro quantitative measurement of glycated haemoglobin A, HbA1c, in whole blood from a finger prick or venous blood/EDTA samples.  

  4. Quo-test™ A1C Control Kit


    The Quo-test™ A1C control kit is a quality control system for the Quo-test™ A1C test system to ensure that it is working correctly.

  5. Amnioquick Rapid PROM Test


    Amnioquick® is a simple and rapid in vitro test for detection of premature rupture of foetal membranes (PROM) in pregnant woman.

    Pack size: 10 tests

  6. DIMA D-Dimer (10 Tests)

    The DIMA D-Dimer cassette test is an immunochromatographic rapid test for the qualitative detection of D-Dimers in whole blood or plasma.
  7. CardioChek Chekmate Q.C Kit

    CardioChek ChekMate Dry Controls are intended to provide an easy-to-use, liquid free method of verification and monitoring of the performance of a CardioChek PA device.
  8. URYXXON RELAX Paper Rolls

    5 paper rolls for use with the URYXXON Relax.
  9. CardioChek Link Cable

    The CardioChek Link Data Transfer Software and Cable allows the user to transmit test results directly from a CardioChek PA device to a computer and automatically save test results into a spreadsheet application, such as Excel. This saves time and minimizes risk by cutting out the possibility of transcription errors.
  10. CardioChek Seiko Printer

    The CardioChek Seiko Printer is designed to be used with the CardioChek Professional Analyser, and the CardioChek Printer Label Rolls.
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