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A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack

A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack

Product Review (submitted on 22 July 2017):
22nd July 2017 at 1.26am did the HbA1c test whilst my son was asleep after doing his normal blood tests. All I can say is this device is amazing. I knew about this product when it was only available in the USA and waited until available here. For 6 years we have had to collect blood via a test tube to give to GP every 3 months to send off to get HbA1c result this had always been a challenge as the test tube was so long and it took ages to get the blood to the bottom of the tube. Finally my hospital for my son managed to get a machine to test bloods on the spot for HbA1c which is done every 3 months. However I was looking for something I could use at home to check blood sugars and my son's hbA1c results and to review and work towards our target range. This device is incredible. The device comes with
1) a lancet however if you would prefer to use the lancet that you normally use to take bloods this does not matter as I used our own and still worked amazingly.

2) Blood collector which you just simply put by blood drop and it sucks the blood up easily you can add more blood if you have not collected enough.

3) A shaker unit which you just insert the blood collector unit into making sure there are no gaps and then shake for 5 seconds.

4) You then open the cartridge pack only open once blood sample is collected and insert into the hbA1c meter reader then you wait for SMPL display to appear and remove base from the shaker and press the shaker into the cartridge until the words "RUN" appear on the display and remove the shaker. Do not Touch the HBA1C meter whilst the results are being calculated.

The display then counts down until the result appears.

My son's hbA1c result for 22nd July 2017 at 1. 26 am as did when my son was asleep so he was not worried about what I was doing etc. HbA1c blood result was 57. I am confident that I will buy this device again. The device comes with two tests to use and then bin the whole thing including the hbA1c meter. For the price of £42.91p it is so worth it and it is great having the result instantly. It also means that you can then if the result is a great result keep doing what you are doing or if there is room for improvement on blood sugars you can then tweak your insulin to carb ratio, etc to improve on the results. A must for anyone that has type 1 diabetes and it is so reassuring knowing that the past 3 months you have worked hard to achieve great results. My son did not wake up at all whilst doing test result it is easy to use and the instructions are very easy. signed Jenny Potter.

A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack