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A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack

A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack

Product Review (submitted on 25 July 2017):
The Hba1c home test kit, is a great device for checking that you are on track. I am T2 diabetic and I use a libre freestyle monitor to keep an eye on my blood sugars 24/7. That device lasts two weeks. Each time I change it i also check my Hba1c to check where I am overall. so far I have found that the changes in Hba1c during these periodic reviews can be explained by the level of carbohydrates I ate during the previous couple of weeks. Thus it is a great way to keep on track overall. I take no medication and have reduced by Hba1C from 92 to 41 over 10 months via diet alone - restricting carbohydrates and self testing via my libre1C test kit. In practice I am now considering whether i need to continue with the libre, knowing that the Hba1c very two weeks will tell me the same story and not be anything like as intrusive of my life as the continual monitoring of blood sugars - whether via the finger stick method or the continuous monitor.

A1cNow® Self Check - 2 test pack